In the Beginning….

Eight years ago I was clicking on the remote as I switched channels.  One of those clicks brought me to a dance scene and some tango music. Whatever show it was, it was in black and white and I thought I would be changing the channel any minute.  But the scene was intriguing and the music captivating.  So, I decided I would watch a little bit more.  I actually wound up watching the whole movie and was inspired to seek out where I would be able to learn the tango.

Of course, at that time I thought the tango was the tango and I enrolled in a Ballroom Dance School in Orlando, Florida.  There I learned that there is ‘American Tango’ and ‘Argentine Tango’.  What I had seen in the movie was Argentine Tango.  However, I was not deterred and gave ballroom dancing a chance.

I fell in love with ballroom dancing and took private and group lessons and I also went to parties and different events outside of the dance studio to make sure that I learned what they taught.  I didn’t want to be trapped in a studio scenario only.  I wanted to be able to go out and dance as I pleased, when I pleased, and with whomever I pleased. This is the only way to insure that your dancing experience is yours and not your teacher’s or a studio’s.  After all, you are paying to learn to dance and it is your life.

The movie that hooked me on dancing and brought me to ballroom dancing is the ‘The Tango Lesson’ (1997):

On a trip to Paris Sally meets Pablo, a tango dancer. He starts teaching her to dance then she returns to London to work on some “projects”. She visits Buenos Aires and learns more from….

I highly recommend it.

See you on the dance floor,


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