Music that allows dancers of different genres to dance together under the same roof and yet dance their favorite style.  Home made snacks and beverages.  Some of the best dancers in Albuquerque are here.

Join us at Lloyd Shaw Dance Center (5506 Coal Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108) one Sunday a month as per the posted schedule to experience a wonderful time.  Please be sure to check the schedule as our dance location does vary at times.   Sunday Dances are 2:30p-5:30p, snacks and refresments served.

Admission:                   Members      $5.00       Non Members  $8.00
Seniors 75+  $3.00       Students            $3.00

You don’t need to bring a partner to dance.  You can email me at heartnsole3@yahoo.com or call 505-332-0446 for further information.

This dance is presented by Heart n Sole and hosted by Nancy Arenas.

Fusion Definition

fu·sion (noun)

  1. a fusing or melting together
  2. the union of different things by or as if by melting; blending;
  3. the state or fact of being so united

Dance for your health,


 “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to 
dance better than myself.” `Mikhail Baryshnikov 

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