About Nancy Arenas

Nancy Arenas declared herself an ambassador for “Dancing for your Health” when she became Chapter President of USA Dance – North Central New Mexico – Chapter 5047 in 2008.

While pursuing her dancing interest she was hindered by physical conditions and began looking for a form of exercise that might help her with her dancing and her physical shortcomings.  She found Nia and became a certified white belt instructor.  Nancy has studied martial arts since a young age (Shotokan, Tang Soo Do, Kenpo and Kung Fu) and the incorporation of martial arts, healing arts and dance arts in Nia attracted her to this form of exercise.

Nancy is a Ballroom Dancer, DJ and hostess for the “Fusion Tea Dances” which she has subsidized and sponsored since 2009 here in Albuquerque offering affordable dancing opportunities and an atmosphere that welcomes beginners to Professional Ballroom dancers with a “fusion” of music that can encompass three or four genres of dancing to any one song.  Also, Nancy is an exercise guide for her “Dancing with the Bars”, movement exercise program.

Nancy is on a mission to bring awareness to everyone about the positive health effects of exercise and dance.  She believes in educating the public about this easy, fun and enjoyable way to exercise and dance and do your body good in a wholesome way.  The beneficial effects of exercise and dance encompass an array of nourishment for your whole self.    

If that is not enough Nancy Arenas is the Assistant Executive Director of New Mexico Dental Association.  There she supervises the office, coordinates the publications (NMDA Directory and NMDA Journal), manages the NMDA CE Getaway and  the  Annual NMDA Annual Session held every year at the Albuquerque Convention Center in June that welcomes 1900+ attendees, 35+ speakers, 90+ vendors,  and more.

Nancy Arenas

  •      Appeared on KASA FOX 9pm news interviewed by Greg Gurule 
  •      Appeared on the KRQE morning news with anchors Mike Powers, Mike Hernandez
    and Deanna Saucedo
  •      Performed for the American Heart Association Luncheon in honor of  Lt.
    Governor D
    iane Dennish.
  •       Was published in The New Mexico Breeze Newspaper
  •       Featured in KSFR 101.1FM Gotta Dance with Randy Forrester & Donna Howell

    Let’s Dance

Let’s Cha Cha

Nancy and Scott

Ballroom Dancing – Affordable Exercise and Enjoyable Art


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